Meet the team behind SIDEKICK

We’re making the web easier to use, one step at a time.


Straight up, we’re really good at web based education, technical support and learning. After being hounded with the same questions from users and pros alike, we decided to pop on our geek capes.


And so, SIDEKICK to the Rescue!


SIDEKICK is the brainchild of FlowPress (For The Love of WordPress). Founded in 2012 by Ben Fox and Bart Dabek and based out of the Ryerson Digital Media Zone in Toronto, this handy start-up makes online learning and usability for WordPress and more effortless and brilliant.

Relieved? You should be. We’re here to help you soar.


If you’d like to know more about SIDEKICK or our team, drop us a line at 


The SIDEKICK Team is made of a talented and dedicated group of individuals

  • Bart Dabek, Co-Founder & Chief of Technology and Product
  • Ben Fox, Co-Founder & Head of Business Ops, Sales and Marketing
  • Kyle Newsome, Lead Developer & Head of Composer Development
  • Mario Dabek,  Senior Developer in charge of WordPress Development and Integration
  • Raven Avalon, Junior Developer
  • Alex Allevato, Sales, Marketing & Content